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Make 2020 the Year of the Ally

From my 20 years of experience working with organizations striving to attract and engage diverse talent, and my own experience as leader in Corporate America, I have come to accept that no organization is where they want to be with diversity.

For this reason, I developed a new virtual program.  It teaches the 12 key attributes of being an inclusive leader on a web-based platform where leaders go at their own pace and choose the topics they want to learn the most.

What is it, you ask?

Lead Like an Ally is a virtual program targeted at managers and all employees inside organizations that value diversity and inclusion, yet lack the tools and time to dedicate to the cultural shifts necessary for inclusion.
Why is it needed?
Managers and all employees alike struggle with how to talk about diversity and inclusion, and often shut down in candid conversations. Senior leadership and newer employees are often well-versed and the murky middle of the organization is silent. This is important because managers are responsible for the employee experience of inclusion through daily actions, hiring, promotion, and separation decisions. They need actionable, intentional tools to be inclusive and lead like an ally.
How does it work?
The program is designed for leaders to choose their own adventure. While there are 12 key attributes of inclusive leaders as modules, leaders may go at their own pace and choose the modules most important to them. Each module has a set of quick 5-minute video lessons accompanied by a workbook activity. The modules canvas the hallmarks of inclusive leaders from Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Knowing your Ally Role, Comfort with Discomfort, Candid Conversations, Space for Others, Diversity Storytelling, Unconscious Bias with deep dives into Gender, Race, and Sexual Orientation, concluding with Sustainable Systems for Positive Change. 
Progress is tracked in the system, and leaders may earn badges and are recognized for their achievements.  Leaders are able to learn inclusive leadership behaviors collaboratively with peers and openly in the program discussion boards.  
Pricing is tiered based on number of learners and there is unlimited access for the full year and includes a robust workbook to take action right away.  Content may be customized and co-branded.


What are you doing to embed diversity, equality, and inclusion throughout your organization? Talking about it is not enough. We have to practice these skills to influence real behavior shifts.

Today’s middle manager has many competing priorities vying for their time.  While many want to lead inclusively, they do not have the tools or time to practice it.  They often feel excluded in diversity initiatives, especially if they are cisgender white males.  I believe we have an opportunity for these managers to be allies for those that are underrepresented.  Being an ally takes time and leaders do not have to learn to be inclusive on their own.

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