Lead Like An Ally


What are you doing to embed diversity, equality, and inclusion throughout your organization? Talking about it is not enough. We have to practice these skills to influence real behavior shifts.

Today’s middle manager has many competing priorities vying for their time.  While many want to lead inclusively, they do not have the tools or time to practice it.  They often feel excluded in diversity initiatives, especially if they are cisgender white males.  I believe we have an opportunity for these managers to be allies for those that are underrepresented.  Being an ally takes time and leaders do not have to learn to be inclusive on their own.

Inclusive teams make better business decisions


of the time

Firms with more diverse management teams have


higher revenue

2020 is the Year of the Ally

Hindsight is 2020. Often, we learn from the past to pivot forward. What do we know about effective diversity and inclusion programs? They are intentional, consistent, and teach inclusive leadership.

2020 is the year of the ally – what is your organization doing to develop inclusive leadership skills?

Introducing Lead Like an Ally, a 12-Month Guide to Being an Inclusive Leader

My new Lead Like an Ally program is designed to meet organizations where they are at on their diversity and inclusion journey. 

From my years of experience working with organizations striving to attract and engage diverse talent, I have come to accept that no organization is where they want to be with diversity.

I believe the middle manager is pivotal to the success of diversity, equality, and inclusion.  Afterall, they make the majority of the hiring, promoting, performance managing, and separating decisions which deeply impact the employee experience.

For this reason, I developed a 12-month virtual program that takes no more than a few hours a month to learn how to lead like an ally.  Collaboratively, leaders will canvas key skill areas with a weekly video and comprehensive workbook with actionable exercises that fit into their already active schedules.

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Teams of All Sizes Can Lead Like Allies

Small Team

  • Up to 50 learners

  • Pivot Point workbook

  • 12 mastermind calls

Medium TEAM

  • Up to 100 learners

  • Pivot Point workbook

  • 4 additional lessons

  • 12 mastermind calls


  • Unlimited learners

  • Pivot Point workbook

  • 8 additional lessons

  • 12 team masterminds


  • 1-year of access

  • Pivot Point workbook

Additional Resources

Be the first to get a copy of the Lead Like an Ally book.  It is a tale of a woman’s journey through Corporate America with proven strategies to facilitate inclusion.  

Listen to the Pivot Point podcast sharing proven techniques, strategies, and tools to develop women leaders, build male allies, and promote gender equality.

Watch Julie’s latest two-minute videos to learn the skills of inclusive leaders that lead like allies.  She teaches proven tools and strategies to be an ally and engage allies.

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