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For Pro Bono Speaking Inquiries, Please Share Why You Want Julie to Speak

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of audience is the best fit?

I work with a variety of audiences. The best participants are open to discussion and story sharing. While I focus on women leaders, I recommend groups personally invite their allies to attend and learn together. Those passionate about diversity, leadership, and career development are often most positively impacted.

What are the technology asks?

I prefer to speak with a lavalier microphone when possible and have roaming handhelds for audience participation in larger groups. I can bring my own equipment to project slides or can share them in advance to be pre-loaded.  I often share videos via YouTube if possible to connect to the internet.

I also have interactive technology available via smartphone to follow along on the slides, download the slides, ask questions throughout, vote on favorite questions, and do live poling to collect data to inform future events.

What is the speaking format?

I speak to leadership teams as small as 5-10 people and to rooms of 500+ leaders at conferences. I meets clients where they are at. I am available to speak to your organization and recommend inviting those leaders most passionate and committed to gender equality. Seating arrangements vary from round tables to classroom to stadium seating. My preference is round table seating when possible.

What is the investment?

Clients typically invest $3,500 to $5,000 on my speaking engagements.  Investment ranges based on location and format. I offer discounted pricing on books for group sizes of 50 participants or larger. I occasionally do pro bono speaking engagements for those best aligned with my mission. If interested, you may apply here.

“To strengthen businesses, families, the economy and society at large, men and women must join forces and rid our workplaces of outdated Mad Men-era structures. Through research and experience, Julie Kratz shows how transformational these alliances can be and how to form them. She also shows why making this happen sometimes even requires us to unleash our inner superheroes.” —Josh Levs, U.N. Gender Champion