Inclusive Leadership Training

Learn proven strategies to create a more inclusive workplace

This online program is approved for 10 professional development credits toward SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP recertification.

No matter where you are on your allyship journey, inclusivity is more important than ever. Our online inclusive leadership training modules will deliver the education and self-awareness you need to foster an inclusive culture at work.

Inclusive Leadership Training At Your Own Pace


Learn proven strategies that build your inclusive leadership skills in the workplace (and beyond) including how to:


    • Uncover and interrupt unconscious bias
    • Positively influence others in your own role as an ally
    • Facilitate inclusive meetings
    • Be better equipped for inclusive conversations
    • Drive systemic change

Julie Kratz is a highly-acclaimed TEDx speaker, author, executive coach, and inclusive leadership trainer producing real results across corporate America.

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What You Get With Our Online Inclusion Training

Each month you’ll have access to an easy-to-follow curriculum that provides you with the tools to accelerate the way you lead like an ally at work.


Ally Training Videos

Learn how to be an inclusive leader through quick videos on demand packed with resources and guided self-reflection questions. Audio files are also available to download for Podcast style learning!

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Workbook

Gain a deeper understanding of allyship and self-awareness with our DEI companion workbook. Includes supplementary exercises and additional resources!

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Lead Like an Ally Online Program



If you want to facilitate an inclusive culture and be a better ally in just one hour a month – this is the leadership training for you.

We teach the 10 attributes of inclusive leadership in quick 5-10 minute videos. Audio files are also available to download for Podcast style learning!

1. Build Your Ally Plan

  • Craft your “why”
  • Write out your vision statement
  • Cement your plan

2. Influence Others as an Ally

  • Express empathy
  • Demonstrate vulnerability
  • Show trust

3. Lean Into Candid Conversation

  • Leverage the 3 D’s framework
  • Challenge with car
  • Be a coach

4. Know Your Ally Role

  • Explore mentorship
  • Develop sponsorship
  • Advocate for others

5. Facilitate Inclusive Meetings

  • Improve psychological safety
  • Be intentional
  • Manage difficult situations

6. Uncover Unconscious Bias

  • Know the science of bias
  • Look out for microaggressions
  • Call people in

7. Interrupt Gender Bias

  • Navigate the gender tightrope
  • Avoid the maternal wall
  • Stop the Tug of War & Prove it Again biases

8. Unpack Racism

  • Understand your role in the system
  • Accept your areas of privilege
  • Signal you want to be an ally to BIPOC

9. Be an Ally for LGBTQ+

  • Research what you do not know
  • Embrace gender as a spectrum
  • Share your pronouns

10. Drive Systemic Change

  • Build a DEI strategy
  • Create a DEI measurement plan
  • Engage a DEI council & ERGs

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