The Next Pivot Point journey starts here. This collection of diversity and inclusion resources contains insights and tools to help you and your organization create and implement positive, sustainable changes to the workplace.


Check out our robust Resources List with tons of book, film, podcast, and article suggestions for antiracists and developing allies.

5 Questions to start the conversation

Watch Julie’s video series on how to start the diversity and inclusion conversation at your organization. 


Join Julie’s next webcast on timely topics in equality, leadership, and career development faciltiated by Julie and her team of collaborators.

The Inclusion School Podcast

Learn how to have brave conversations with children about diversity and inclusion for educators, caregivers, and parents.

Diversity Celebration and Awareness Calendar

A compilation of holidays and celebrations along with some of our favorite articles and resources. We hope that these resources will bring greater awareness to your leaders and teams about celebrations they aren’t yet knowledgeable about, as well as provide a new perspective on the holidays they do currently celebrate (and which their coworkers may not!).


 Meet some of the powerful women and allies Julie has collaborated and worked with over the years.


pivotal women video series

Be inspired by this robust collection of stories that illustrate what a plan does for our career.

Recent Interviews

Julie regularly engages in conversations with thought leaders on diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Free D&I Assessment

Learn how inclusive your team really is, take our free diversity and inclusion engagement assessment.

Diversity and Inclusion is a Candid Conversation

Download our diversity dictionary with the top 20 terms you need to know now.

Is Your Organization Inclusive?

Groups that believe and achieve true diversity outperform those that do not.