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Knowing where to start the diversity and inclusion conversation can be overwhelming. Let’s set up a time to connect and engage the correct team to determine how we can best partner with you to achieve success.

We offer a range of virtual facilitated workshops, online self-paced content, and coaching engagements to align with your organization’s DEI initiatives. This work is never one size fits all – work with us to build a roadmap. Review our range of solutions in greater detail below.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Workshops

Next Pivot Point meets your team where they are at. We offer a comprehensive selection of DEI training workshops that lead to a greater sense of belonging and meaningful change in the workplace. Choose workshops from a variety of categories based on your organization’s needs.

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Workshop Categories Include:

Allyship & Inclusive Leadership
Diversity Dimensions
DEI Strategy & Systems
People Leader Development

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Online Self-Paced Learning

Self-paced, online learning programs are available to be used on our learning management system, or yours!

Other Solutions

Discussion Guides

All-in-one guides designed to be a tool for individual self learning or further discussion amongst groups. Check out the Ally Accountability and Discussion Guide or let’s chat about our deep dive subject guides.

DEI Strategy Sessions

Schedule a DEI Strategy Session to begin developing your organization’s strategy around diversity, equity, and inclusion and to create a roadmap for success.

Employee Focus Group

Gain genuine insight into the pulse and culture of your organization with our Listening sessions. We’ll work with you to design a facilitation guide and schedule time with your teams, then anonymously summarize and report out what we’ve learned. This report can be crucial in developing your blueprint for relevant and effective programming.

Keynote Address

Have Julie at your next conference or summit to share impactful strategies, tools, and tactics for promoting equality and experiencing personal and professional growth. Attendees will leave with a renewed understanding and be ready to take action.

Diversity is a Candid Conversation

Julie Kratz meets your team where you are at