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Welcome to Lead Like an Ally!

Thank you for your interest in the Lead Like an Ally program.  I am thrilled that you want to learn more about inclusive leadership.  

Based on my research, I know that inclusive teams outperform average teams by nearly 2X.  Want better business results?  Develop your team as inclusive leaders and your chances of success double.

The Lead Like an Ally program is an inclusive leadership program designed to guide teams with tools, strategies, and techniques to be more inclusive, and it does not require a huge time commitment.  It meets leaders where they are at on their ally journey in a safe, comfortable virtual learning environment with workbook exercises to apply learning real-time.

The program has 10 modules that all include a three-part series of short 5 minute videos, packed with resources, and guided self-reflection questions to help you lead more inclusively.

You will learn how to:

  1. Build Your Ally Plan
  2. Positively Influence Others as an Ally
  3. Lean Into Candid Conversations
  4. Know Your Ally Role
  5. Facilitate Inclusive Meetings
  6. Uncover Unconscious Bias
  7. Interrupt Gender Bias
  8. Unpack Racism
  9. Strive to be an Ally for LGBTQ+
  10. Drive Systemic Change

Sign up now and start on your ally journey!

Note:  Following your registration, you will receive access to our virtual learning platform from with all the details to get started!


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