Julie Kratz

Speaker / Trainer / Author

Julie Kratz has dedicated her career to helping people be better allies. After spending 12 years in Corporate America experiencing many career “pivot points” due to the lack of belonging, she started her own speaking business with the goal of helping leaders be better allies. Promoting allyship in the workplace, Julie helps organizations foster more inclusive environments so that everyone can feel seen, heard and belong. She is a Forbes contributor, frequent keynote speaker, podcast host and TEDx speaker. She holds an MBA from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, is a Certified Master Coach, and is a certified unconscious bias trainer.

Julie has also been published on Entrepreneur, CNBC, The Good Men Project, The Forum On Workplace Inclusion, and more. She is the author of 6 books including Allyship in Action: 10 Strategies for Living Inclusively, Lead Like an Ally: A Journey Through Corporate America with Strategies to Facilitate Inclusion, a children’s book Little Allies, ONE: How Male Allies Support Women for Gender Equality, and more.

Find Julie on Forbes and on LinkedIn.

Ericka Young

 Equity Educator / Author / Coach

Ericka is a best-selling author, speaker, and coach. She founded Tailor-Made Budgets a financial coaching and speaking firm in 2005 after she and her husband Chris climbed out of nearly $100,000 in debt. Ericka enjoys helping people create a solid path to financial freedom. While her daughters entered their teen years, Ericka began to realize the need for effective equity training, diverse perspectives, and inclusive environments both inside and outside her home. This journey led to her speaking on not just finances but also diversity, equity, and inclusion in workplaces and in the community where she lives.

At Next Pivot Point, Ericka facilitates training on racial equity, intersectionality, recognizing privilege, and unpacking racism. She is busy working to create a world where everyone is welcome in all spaces, and they have the financial resources to participate fully in those spaces. 

Ericka is the author of NAKED AND UNASHAMED: 10 Money Conversations Every Couple Must Have, an Amazon #1 best-selling book. Learn more about Ericka here.


Eman Rimawi-Doster

 Inclusion Educator

Eman Rimawi-Doster is a Black and Palestinian woman, born and raised in New York City. For 25 years, she’s been organizing around diversity, equity and inclusion in disenfranchised communities using art, writing, fashion, and creativity. She has made it her life’s mission to change the things that need a push in a more inclusive direction. Her father wanted her to change the things she saw wrong and she does with everything she touches. She’s taught creative writing, community organizing, and political science workshops to youth in New York City and she’s been focused on organizing around disability rights and the intersectionality of it within every aspect of life. She has worked for several dozen non-profits since 1999 and is deeply committed to the community. Eman is currently the Executive Director of the Harlem Independent Living Center.

At Next Pivot Point, Eman helps educate people on the interconnectedness of disability within multiple communities. Life doesn’t end when you have a disability. In addition to advocating for better paratransit, she’s also involved in several projects around universal design of buildings in NYC, she’s an artistic consultant with D.C. comics and Skybound, speaks at conferences about equity and inclusion for all people with disabilities and she’s the funniest person you’ll ever meet.

Aimee Harman

 Behavioural Development Trainer

An experienced Behavioural Development trainer and coach championing individuals across a range of global employers, Aimee specialises in putting people first and advocates for an environment of vulnerability through her sharing without shame philosophy.

Proudly from the UK, she has experienced different DEIA challenges compared to her US counterparts, but knows one thing stays the same; learning and evolving doesn’t depend on where you’re from. You will have your own challenges but we as a community of Active Allies come together and support each other.Drawing on her extensive knowledge from college and professional experience and a drive to stand and be an advocate, Aimee’s inquisitive nature helps her challenge conventions by asking tough questions. Her nine years in the education sector and passion for people has also allowed Aimee to understand how people learn.

Kathryn Buntain

(she/her) Head of Details | Next Pivot Point | Utah

Michelle Kuchocha (CCSM)

(she/her) Head of Client Happiness | Next Pivot Point | Pretoria, SA

Simone E. Morris

(she/her) Podcast Co-Host | Inclusion School | Connecticut

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“Bravo to Julie Kratz for taking a complex issue and providing practical steps for all of us to be better allies!  Diversity is necessary, but inclusion is critical…so we need more inclusive leaders and allies at all levels in order to progress. This guide will help anyone interested in making a positive difference in the workplace and for society at large.”

Bonnie Fetch, Executive, Cummins, Inc.

“By teaming up with Julie Kratz and team, we’re creating a formalized allyship training and certification program, NFP Unite, to enable our employees to study and better understand the challenges of their peers so we may all stand up for one another’s rights, using all the various privileges we each have to support, uplift, and celebrate those around us and give each other a voice.”

Kim Davis – Executive Vice President, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer,  NFP

“Julie helped create a common language and comfort around beginning these conversations about inclusion, and that equipped our team to head down a path of even deeper development.”

Executive, ZP Group