Each workshop is customized to fit the needs of organizations looking to develop inclusive leaders. 

All are also available as keynotes.

Engage Men As Allies

Unpack Privilege

Conduct Candid Conversations

Uncover Unconscious Bias

Communicate With
Your Natural DiSC Style

Learn About Your Natural Communication Style.  Discover How to Flex Your Style to Meet the Needs of Your Audience.  Commit to Specific Strategies to Continuously Improve as a Leader.

Resolve Conflict

Demand Debate in a Healthy Way.  Hold Your Team Accountable through Ground Rules.   Build a Culture Based on Trust.

Strengthen Your
Emotional Intelligence

Assess Your Emotional Intelligence.  Learn the Neuroscience Behind Emotional Intelligence.  Practice Strategies to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence.

Coach Your
Team To Success

Practice Active Listening.  Ask Crisp, Open-Ended Questions.  Promote Self-Discovery.

Bolster Your
Authentic Confidence

Know Your Sources of Confidence.  Build Strategies to Surround Yourself with Sources of Confidence.  Reflecting on Challengers and Proactively Engage with Them.

Build Your
Winning Game Plan

Craft Your Purpose Statement.  Set Tangible Goals.  Prioritize Aspirational Competencies.  Determine Your Critical Actions Steps.

Lead With

Demonstrate Vulnerability in a Confident Way.  Give to Give, Rather than Giving to Get.  Inspire Others through Storytelling and Powerful Questions.

Negotiate For
What You Want

Channel Your Purpose and Passion.  Open from a Place of Positive Intent and Common Ground.  Align Your Ask with Your Audience’s Wants to Find Win-Win Solutions.

“After decades of struggling to achieve gender equality at work, ONE definitively proclaims the only solution – men and women partnering together to create positive change. Most read for business leaders serious about gender equality, inclusion and their bottom-line!”

Brad Johnson and David Smith
Co-authors of Athena Rising: How and Why Men Should Mentor Women