As a busy professional, we understand that you have lots of priorities and many things vying for your time.

That’s why we’ve created Pivot Point Online Workshops – a library of tools for you, with lifetime access for only $47.  

All are also available for in-person or virtual delivery.

Courses Include:

Lead With Influence

Expand self-awareness. Ask for feedback. Know genuine purpose.

Strategize Work & Life Wellness

Know your why. Give through compassion. Prioritize sleep.

Manage Conflict

Demand healthy debate. Hold the team accountable. Build a culture based on trust.

Calculate Your Career

Know the skills and wills. Create the ideal job description. Map the resume.

Bolster Your Authentic Confidence

Know what fuels it. Reinforce it. Seek out challengers.

Build A Career Game Plan

Craft a pivot line statement. Set goals. Prioritize competencies. Determine the actions steps.

Lead Across Generations

Understand “coming of age” experiences. Flex your leadership style. Align your values.

Build A Culture Of Allies

Channel empathy.  Share your story.  Speak up together.  Integrate work & life.

Strengthen Your Emotional Intelligence

 Assess, learn the neuroscience behind and practice strategies to improve your emotional intelligence.

Coach Your Team To Success

 Practice active listening.  Ask crisp, open-ended questions.  Promote self-discovery.

Negotiate For What You Want

Channel your purpose and passion. Open from a place of positive intent. Align your ask with your audience’s wants.

Retain Women Leaders

 Improve access to sponsors/mentors. Align personal value and purpose with their work. Provide guidance and feedback to coach women to success.

Communicate With Your Natural Style

 Learn your natural communication style and how to flex it.  Commit to specific strategies.

Speak Up Together For Equality

Amplify each other’s voices.  Be her voice when she is not there.

Share Your Story For Equality

Own your story – where you have been, where you are, and where you want to go.  Listen to her story.

Channel Empathy For Equality

 Channel those you empathize to others.  Start the dialogue with the what’s in it for men (WIIFM).

Lead As an Ally

 Engage your allies.  Be even more of an ally to others.

Integrate Work & Life For Equality

 Practice self-care.  Do the fair share.

Build a Culture of Inclusion

Understand why diversity matters.  Build inclusive leadership skills.  Align core values.

Be A Mentor

Be an effective ally.  Mentor women effectively.

What Makes Your Business Different

Craft differentiators.  Know your customers, competition, and capabilities.  Build a plan for success.

Delegation: How to Let Go

 Determine best situations to delegate.  Craft a plan to delegate.  Communicate to ensure follow through.

Leader is Coach

Learn when to ask vs. when to tell.  How to craft open questions.  Create space for others.

Conduct Candid Conversations

Brainstorm approaches to tough conversations.  Understand your role.  Adapt to others.

Unpack Privilege

Identify your privilege.  Tools for changing cultures.  Tips to leverage your privilege for good.

Make the Invisible Visible for Diversity

 Learn about others that are different than you.  Embrace visible and invisible differences.  Be brave as an ally.

Inclusive Leadership

 Craft your cultural values.  Learn the skills and behaviors of inclusive leaders.  Coach to success.


Conduct Candid Conversations Part II

Know your role.  Own your part.  Uncover your bias.

“Julie’s workshops employ structured application of learnings with clear goals and outcomes. She supports those she is working with every step of the way with a true passion for seeing a client embrace change to grow and succeed. I have shared her insights, blogs and contact information with everyone I know because I have seen her impact first hand!”

Jennifer C. Marshall
Senior Sales Leader at Zoetis