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The Power of Owning Your Career

By Simone Morris

Pay Attention to Your Pivot Points

Julie Kratz, a highly-acclaimed leadership trainer, is this week’s guest for the The Power of Owning Your Career podcast. Julie is an advocate for Gender Equality and talks about her career journey and how embracing her career pivots helped her to find the driver seat. She says she had to tap into what truly made her happy. Listen to this week’s inspiring episode with host Simone Morris.

Only the Brave Have Fun Podcast

By Jasbir Arora

Julie Kratz is a highly-acclaimed leadership trainer who leads teams and produces real results in corporate America.

After experiencing her own career “pivot point,” Julie developed a process for women leaders to build winning game plans. She lends her expertise around gender equality and leadership as a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, and executive coach.

– MBA, Kelley School of Business at Indiana University
– Certified Master Coach
– Certified Unconscious Bias Trainer

Love Better Podcast

By Emily Sutherland

“It’s such a primal need for humans to feel welcome and belong… We will not stay in a place where we do not feel we belong.”

– Julie Kratz (in this episode!)

Julie comes to us with a wealth of expertise in helping individuals and teams create diverse environments where everyone’s perspective is valued. Join the conversation about how to become an ally who fosters belonging for people who are different from you.

For more about Julie’s work and other resources shared in this podcast, visit Love Better Resources here.

Showrunner Podcast

By Kathy Cunningham

Before taking the stage at the Women in Automotive conference, I shared tools to engage men as allies.  In this podcast, Kathy and I candidly discussed the real issues holding women back in male-dominated Corporate America, and how empathy and calling out bad behavior can propel women forward.

Talk LP Podcast

By Amber Bradley & Dave Thompson

Julie discusses unconscious bias – what it is, why it matters to everyone, and how to prevent “micro-aggressing” others.

Work Minus Podcast

By Work Minus

 Gender equality is the real thing.  We’ve spent enough time debating about gender equality and now it’s time we take practical steps. On @Workminus I spoke about how change can be brought within a workplace if men and others agree to be allies. More insights into becoming self-aware and taking that first step towards eradicating inequality at the workplace.

Your Working Life Podcast

By Caroline Dowd-Higgins

Julie Kratz talks about the importance of unconscious bias training for all professionals to create a more inclusive workforce.

The Secret Sauce Podcast

By Kimberly Rice

For those women whom have experienced the undermining, shaming workplace environment in male-dominated fields, our podcast with Julie Kratz is a refreshing discussion on the advancements that are underway by inviting supportive male allies to join the conversation of why there must be gender equality into the workplace, for everyone to thrive. 

In this podcast, learn concrete steps that all may take to propel the conversation forward.

The F-Word Podcast

By Sheryl Brown

The F Word is a podcast designed for women working in the financial services and financial technology landscape, as well as the men who champion them.

She Breaks the Mold Podcast

By Janet Whalen

Julie Kratz is the founder of Pivot Point, a career and leadership coaching company that focuses on developing leaders using a gender equality lens.

Julie is a highly-acclaimed leadership trainer and coach who, after experiencing a few of her own career “pivot points,” developed a process for women leaders to build winning career game plans. She focuses her work on mid-career women.

Claim the Stage Podcast

By Angela Lussier

When you’re looking for support in accomplishing your goals, where do you turn? Do you value diversity of thought and experience unlike your own when seeking advice and direction? To offer her insight on this topic, I interview Julie Kratz, a highly-acclaimed leadership trainer, frequent keynote speaker, and executive coach. Julie is the author of Pivot Point: How to Build a Winning Career Game Plan and ONE: How Male Allies Support Women for Gender Equality.
On today’s episode, we cover:
what “male allies” are, why they are important, and their role in helping women’s success why women should encourage men to become allies, and how men can get involved a few tips to help women and men who want to work together successfully the kinds of results women can hope to see by following this advice two of the key points in Julie’s book, ONE: How Male Allies Support Women for Gender Equality one piece of advice that you can do today to be more successful working together Check out Julie’s book here and find out more about her work here:

Leaders of Transformation Podcast

By Nicole Jansen

In today’s conversation, we discuss the landscape of gender equality in the workplace, why the women’s movement hasn’t progressed further along to date, and how men can support and promote women in leadership roles. We explore the difference between sponsoring and mentoring, the benefits of having male allies, the impact on performance and profitability within companies, and practical steps men and women can take to foster gender equality so everyone wins.

While Julie is a die-hard feminist, she also recognizes that having discussions with women only behind closed doors and leaving the men out of the conversation will not work to create the gender equality women are looking for. Instead, working together to transform paradigms and eliminate unconscious biases is where the work must be done. Julie provides an excellent road map to follow, along with the tools to have honest cross-gender conversations that support all parties.

Social Entrepreneur Podcast

By Tony Loyd

,In this interview, Julie describes what an organization might look like if it achieved gender equality. She contrasts that with the current reality. Julie describes the consequences to organizations who do not maximize the talents of women. She provides indicators that organizations can look for to indicate whether or not they are achieving gender equality. She provides some positive examples of organizations who are getting gender equality right.

Julie also lays out four key strategies for being a successful male ally:   Channeling the women they empathize, Asking for her HERstory, Speaking up with her, and Doing the fair share.  You can also read an explanation of each of these key areas on Julie’s blog here.

Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs Podcast

By Danielle Ireland

In this episode, we get to learn, laugh, and fall in love with Julie Kratz . She’s a speaker, coach, and advocate for gender equality in the workplace.

After experiencing her own career “pivot point,” she developed a process for women leaders to build winning plans. We get to explore more about her journey, and how she helps women, and men, embrace change in their lives and careers.

She holds an MBA from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, is a Certified Master Coach, and is a certified unconscious bias trainer. Her books include Pivot Point: How to Build a Winning Career Game Plan and ONE: How Male Allies Support Women for Gender Equality. She’s also a fellow podcaster at the Pivot Point Podcast.

More Than a Few Words Podcast

By Lorraine Ball

Julie Kratz, a highly-acclaimed leadership trainer, speaker, and author joined us for a conversation about women leaders and male allies. She is the founder of Pivot Point an organization devoted to developing leaders.

The Brand Journalist Advantage Podcast

By Phoebe Chongchua

The #MeToo movement has opened the eyes of our nation and continues to be a controversial topic. Learn what your organization can do to support gender equality. Author Julie Kratz shares how men & women can partner for success.

Traffic and Leads Podcast

By Lindsey Anderson

Julie Kratz is our special guest on today’s episode of Traffic and Leads Podcast. Julie works at Pivot Point, a company that helps develops leaders, coach women to build career game plans, and promotes gender equality across the board. At Pivot Point she nailed down online marketing consistency by getting tons of clients a reliable stream of traffic and leads to her business. 

Nick Murphy Podcast

By Nick Murphy

In this episode, Julie discusses gender inequality in the universe, the nuances of the “Me Too” movement, and why women need to reach out to their male allies.


(2:08) – What Julie’s day-to-day work is like and how her career guided her toward creating Pivot Point.

(4:38) – Julie explains why gender equality is so important to have in a workplace environment.

(7:38) – The most significant thing the “Me Too” movement has done to address gender inequality at work.

(12:09) – Finding the best time and place to come forward with “Me Too” stories.

(15:38) – Creating an environment that allows people to come forward with their story without proliferating false accusations.

(20:08) – Why it’s important for women at work to reach out to their male allies.

(24:05) – How Julie defines “ally,” what responsibilities a male ally should have, and why it’s important to have this label.

(27:27) – Strategies women can use to seek out and engage with male allies, and why you should seek out a mentor.

(31:06) – Helpful ways men can initiate an alliance with their female colleagues.

(37:10) – Julie plays Rapid Fire and says who she would go back in time to have a drink with.


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