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The "P" Word & Why it is so Hard to Talk About

by Pivot Point | Episode 52


In this week’s episode, we unpack the discomfort about privilege, and share Pete Buttigieg’s (white gay man running for President) story on privilege.  We also share our take on what it means to lead like an ally and talk openly about the “P” word.

I share my own discomfort talking about this topic and what I have done to lean into this tough conversation.  The privilege walk is an excellent way to talk about diversity and inclusion at work.

We also share some tools to keep this dialogue flowing in your organization with our “Unpacking Privilege” free online workshop with my ally Ericka Young and my ally Karen Catlin’s “5 Ally Actions” newsletter.

Learn how to lead like an ally and talk about the “P” word at work!

About the Podcast

Join TEDx speaker and inclusive leadership trainer and author Julie Kratz on this weekly podcast sharing stories about those leading like allies, with tools to develop inclusive leaders and promote diversity and inclusion at work.

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“I’ve used Julie’s service personally for leadership coaching and also professionally to facilitate a board retreat, and provide workshops to enhance leadership style growth. She takes time to understand the audience she’s working with and allows for inclusiveness discussions. I would highly recommend Julie!” 

Stacy Payne Miller
President, Junior League