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Next Pivot Point works to promote allyship and inclusion across all dimensions of diversity in the workplace to make sure everyone feels seen, heard, and belonging at work. Let’s set up a time to connect and determine how we can best partner with you to achieve success.

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New BOOK! Allyship in action: 10 strategies for living inclusively

Take actionable steps towards individual and systemic change by bringing allyship into action.

NEW Self-Paced Lead Like an Ally Program

A virtual, on-demand program designed to give you the education and self-awareness around DEI & Allyship work to be better equipped for inclusive conversations in the workplace.


Check out our newly revamped Workshops page for all the available inclusive development topics we can share with your team.

Diversity and Inclusion is a Candid Conversation

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How to Call People In to Foster DEI

How to Call People In to Foster DEI

Calling people in can be a more effective way to foster DEI Loretta J. Ross’ Ted Talk “Don’t Call People Out - Call Them In” explains the harmful effects of calling people out. Pointing out people's flaws and mistakes in a public situation can be...

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