The Women’s Leadership Academy

Did you know that women with a plan, win?
In fact, they are 80% more likely to be successful.

6 Weeks of Engaging Virtual Content

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Communicate with your natural DiSC style

Better understand your behavioral and leadership style to be a better ally.

Bolster your authentic confidence

Locate and express your sources of confidence to help you grow professionally.

Strengthen your emotional intelligence

Refine your emotional skills to better handle interpersonal relationships.

Build your winning career game plan

Identify your career goals and what you can do to achieve them.

Engage allies in your career

Establish collaborative professional relationships with male colleagues.

Lead with influence

Hone effective leadership skills that you can share with others.

Six Questions to Determine What’s Next in Your Career

Mid-Career Is A Tricky Time For Women Leaders

I built this program because I experienced my own “pivot point” in my Corporate America career and have spent years training women to build their winning career game plans. 



I have heard lots of things after women have been through my programs…

"I built my own Career Game Plan and was able to land a promotion."



"I picked up tools to bolster my confidence."



"I learned how to ask for what I wanted and to engage allies in my career."

Your Investment Includes:

  • Your very own Pivot Point Career assessment with DiSC® ($100 value)

  • A 1:1 coaching session on your Career Game Plan with me ($250 value)

  • Unlimited lifetime access to all six sessions (unlimited value)

  • Access to our community discussion board with other like-minded women leaders (bonus value)



Get Your Career Game Plan Workbook

Those that set goals for themselves achieve higher rates of success in their careers.  Knowing what we want, and having a plan to get there is pivotal.  Whether it’s taking our careers to an even higher level, pivoting industries or functional areas, or advancing to a leadership role, high potential women in transition wrestle with having a solid game plan to facilitate success. Download a copy of the Career Game White Paper by Julie Kratz.

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“Julie’s professionalism and insight into negotiating a ‘pivot point’ in my career were extremely valuable. Her questioning helped guide me to discover my own answers and create more clarity at a time when things seemed cloudy. She also connected me to some wonderful resources. Julie is extremely approachable and easy to talk to. She is a great advocate for both men and women she works with. Working with Julie was amazing.”

Andrea Liebross
 CEO of Andrea Liebross Coaching