Is Your Organization Inclusive?

Groups that believe and achieve true diversity outperform those that do not.


The pandemic of 2020 has forever changed how we work.

There are lots of questions looming about the future of work.  Leaders and teams alike are asking:

  • What will the future of work look like?
  • How will we interact with each other?
  • What will people care about most?

I set out to answer these questions with a team of experts.  I partnered with a team of human resources, social responsibility, and market research experts on a quantitative study capturing 250+ responses from a diverse set of perspectives (age, gender, position, industry).  I then conducted 25 qualitative interviews with subject matter experts on people development, diversity and inclusion, and human resources.  

The following themes emerged in my research:

  • This is a Clean Slate Moment 
  • The Future is Flexible 
  • People Want to Bring Their Full Selves to Work 
  • All Generations Value Positive Workplace Culture
  • Crisis Magnifies Leadership & Performance Issues
  • Relationships are Strengthened Virtually 
  • Blended Learning is Here to Stay
  • Diverse Talent Has Never Been so Accessible 
  • Leaders Win with Transparency
  • It is Time to Pivot Forward Positively

No one wants another thing to do right now.  Instead, let’s make work easier.  Let’s learn from this and pivot forward positively.  

The future of work will not be the same.  There is no return to normal.  This is a clean slate moment for you and your team.  

This great pause is an opportunity to lead your team to success.  How are you going to take advantage of this opportunity?

We need our allies more than ever.  We will get through this together.  Because we are stronger together.




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